Winter Napkin

Winter, the Christmas napkin

A winter staple, the Winter towel is full of iconic holiday details. An iconic duo of red and green perfectly highlights the Christmas spirit. The Winter napkin, a must-have table linen for the holiday season, symbolizes a tradition dear to the Alsatian region.

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The Winter napkin, a unique fabric

Entirely designed and manufactured in our Ribeauvillé workshops, the Winter napkin was conceived in the spirit of the end of year festivities: find magnificent patterns and iconic Christmas colors to set a beautiful holiday table.

The Winter napkin, the festive accessory

For a typical Christmas decoration, don't hesitate to match the Winter napkin with the same tablecloth pattern. Add red candles and decorative holly on your table for a traditional and festive atmosphere.

Winter, the napkin with Christmas colors

We particularly appreciate the design and colors of the Winter napkin.

Composition :  

100 % cotton

Dimensions : 

52 x 52 cm (21" x 21") 

Care instructions: 

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm wash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.

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17,40 €

The skillful mixture of this napkin is made of two major documents. The first one is a cloth realized in Nantes (in the West of France); the second one is a piece of a wall covering, made of tiling found in the world famous palace of Topkapi in Turkey.

19,70 €

The Rialto napkin, an original design Set an elegant and colorful table with the Rialto napkin. The striking design and sparkling shades of the Rialto napkin create a contemporary ambiance to your table decor.

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Les Pivoines, the green napkin The Les Pivoines napkin brings a bit of greenery to your table decoration. The patterns as well as the fresh and green colors dress this pretty napkin which is inspired by an impressionist painting.

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The Agapanthes towel, flora in all its forms The lush flora is gently revealed on the Agapanthes towel. Discover the foliage and flora in all its forms with the different colors of the Agapanthes towel.

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The Topkapi napkin, Beauvillé's best-seller The Topkapi napkin completes your table decoration by adding a touch of color and finesse. Beauvillé's iconic model is reinvented year after year with ever more vibrant colors. A true timeless tablecloth, Topkapi reveals contemporary details to liven up any interior.

18,60 €

Treat yourself to a romantic getaway in the flowered alleys of Giverny's garden with this napkin synonymous with lightness, revealing a spontaneous freshness in the decoration.

15,10 €

Composition :  100% cotton Dimensions : 45 x 45 cm (18" x 18")

17,60 €

The Toscane napkin, a must for a sober and elegant dinner The Toscane napkin offers a timeless design with a refined look. Sumptuous patterns sublimated by a soft midnight blue hue place this napkin in the category of a must-have for sober and elegant dinners.

18,20 €

Grand Soir, an elegant napkin The classic patterns and vibrant colors of the Grand Soir napkin bring elegance to your prestigious dinners. The Grand Soir napkin adds that extra touch to your table decor.

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18,20 €

The Orchidées napkin, a stunning bouquet of flowers The Orchidées napkin reveals a beautiful bouquet of flowers in vibrant colors. With the Orchidées napkin, prepare a romantic and soothing table for an improvised lunch.

17,40 €

The Trianon napkin, a magnificent composition The Trianon napkin is inspired by the Versailles estate and offers a magnificent composition filled with ornaments: indigo acanthus leaves and wormwoods are drawn on this magnificent Trianon napkin.

15,10 €

The Potager napkin, as chic as it is intimate Simple and effective, the Potager napkin brings style and character to your table decoration. A pure design combined with a colorful border for a chic and intimate lunch. The Potager napkin is perfect for all occasions.

19,70 €

Raffaello, the essential napkin for your table The Raffaello napkin illustrates the architectural splendor of the Directoire period. Shades of beige and gray highlight the delicate patterns of this elegant towel. The Raffaello design is unsurprisingly one of our must-have table linens.

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The Corail napkin, an invitation to the seaside Discover the seaside with the Corail napkin. Between corals and shells, this pretty anti-stain napkin reveals with subtlety the richness of the depths in shades of blue and coral.

16,60 €

The Ceylan towel, an oriental air An oriental dream blows over your interior decoration. Beyond sumptuous colours, the Ceylan towel reveals magnificent and authentic paisley designs. Ceylan is one of our must-have models that will make you travel for lunch.

19,70 €

Adagio, a table napkin in motion The art of setting the scene is reflected in the Adagio placemat: its curved lines and sense of movement bring the baroque style to life in all its splendor. Its shades of beige, gray and taupe blend together soberly to accessorize an elegant dinner.

15,90 €

Composition :  100 % cotton Dimensions : 52 x 52 cm (21" x 21") 

14,90 €

Feuilles de Vigne, a napkin with the colors of the vineyard The Vine Leaves tablecloth highlights the richness of the Alsatian vineyard. The patterns of this napkin as well as its colors bring an autumnal and warm atmosphere to your interior decoration. The Vine Leaves napkin makes you discover the emblematic Alsatian vineyard through a design full of...

11,00 €

The Ecole Buissonnière towel, memories in your head Relive the sweet memories of a back-to-school experience filled with treats with the École Buissonnière towel. With soft colors and a typical Alsatian pattern, this pretty napkin brings all the sweetness needed for your family meals.

15,10 €

The Picoti napkin, sober and elegant Sober and elegant, the Picoti napkin is decorated with a simple blue border. Similar to our range of two-tone napkins, the Picoti napkin offers you the simplicity of a fabric bringing the final touch to a table setting.

9,20 €

The Hansi napkin, a scene of Alsatian life The Hansi napkin reveals a typical scene of life in the Alsatian region. A wink to the traditional costumes and characters in all simplicity. The Hansi napkin dresses your table with the colors of Alsace.

10,00 €

Les Coqs napkin, inspired by Lunéville earthenware The Les Coqs napkin is a Beauvillé must-have. The motifs of this pretty napkin are inspired by Lunéville earthenware and offer an original landscape in shades of pink or blue. The Les Coqs napkin brings a touch of finesse and elegance to your table decoration.

11,40 €

The Eau de vie napkin, Alsatian patterns The Alsatian traditions are honored with the Eau de vie napkin. A design inspired by traditional scenes of life that brings regional customs to life. The Eau de vie napkin transmits good mood through original details like musical notes.

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The Sapin d'Epices napkin livens up Christmas Time with greediness. A farandole of biscuits, ribbons and gold details instantly bring a warm atmosphere to the table.

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The Féerie napkin and its red and onyx design is a must-have to add a touch of magic and elegance to your festive table.

19,70 €

The Ponte Vecchio napkin, Italian emblem The Ponte Vecchio napkin makes you discover this famous Italian bridge and its surroundings. This Ponte Vecchio towel reveals Italian luxury with an elegant gold pattern adorned with vibrant red.