Palazzo Frost Tablecloth

Light, luminous and authentic: a subtle blend of soft materials and enveloping colours brings a breath of well-being to the home with the Palazzo tablecloth and its frosty colour.

236,90 €

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Composition :  100% cotton

Dimensions : 
Square tablecloth 170 x 170 cm (67" x 67")
Rectangular tablecloth 170 x 240 cm (67" x 95")
Large rectangular tablecloth 170 x 310 cm (67" x 122")

 Care instructions : 

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm wash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.

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In the middle of a verdant garden, the Pivoines tablecloth sets a genuine painting on the table. Its flowers will enhance cozy places such as terraces and small gardens.

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This spectacular tablecloth gives in no time a spring style to all the tables. Corals, shells, starfishes and hippocampus seem floating in the middle of the waves.

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The vegetal draw has found its origin in the purity of the nature and confers to this tablecloth a pleasant setting in the middle of the garden, on a terrace or under a gazebo.

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Igor was realized thanks to a document from the Napoleon III period which illustrates the former French monarchy. With this wonderful creation, everybody can create an imperial dinner at home.

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Inspired by the drawings of Hansi, a famous Alsatian artist, Ecole Buissonière is composed of joyful children crossing the fields on their way to school. The center of the tablecloth is made of the « kelsh » traditional Alsatian textile design.

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Mon Village represents a festive getaway on the countryside. Its typical frieze and characters cheerfully liven up the table through the Alsatian traditions.

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Rialto gets its inspiration from a typical Italian style which gives to this tablecloth a very unique composition. This tablecloth is very often considered as a masterpiece which is truly contemporary. To complete these details, the variety of colors is harmonizing perfectly with this magical pattern to show the luxury of Italian palaces.

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This very architectural design has been inspired by the Royal French Palace of Trianon. Absinthe arabesques and indigo acanthus leaves on an ivory background.

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Arne is the most colorful tablecloth of the collection with 35 colors that are harmonizing perfectly together. The spectacular design is based on a document of Napoleon III. Old roses and acanthus leaves are taking place on a contrasted grey background. Arne is a very exclusive design that symbolizes the « Luxe à la Française ».

49,20 €

Contrasted characters are amusing themselves on a red or grey background to illustrate typical Alsatian daily life scenes.

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Topkapi is the bestseller of Beauvillé which made the company’s great renown all over the world. This design is currently seducing all unconditional of Beauvillé for more than 20 years. It has been inspired by a wall covering, made of tiling and found in the world famous palm e of Topkapi in Turkey.

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Toscane is a tablecloth with a timeless design that fits perfectly in all the interior. Various shades of each colors make a contrast which enlighten the whole design. Refinement at its climax for your interior decoration.

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Emblematic patterns from Winter time underline the friendly spirit of a cozy table decors. On a red or grey background, flakes, boots and fir trees invite you to gather in the mild cold of winter.

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Inspired by the « pied-de-poule » pattern, the Picoti tablecloth depicts the henhouse’s life on a grey or blue background. An ideal for a country style kitchen decorations.

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Inspired by the « pied-de-poule » pattern, the Picoti coated tablecloth depicts the henhouse’s life on a grey or blue background. An ideal for a country style kitchen decorations.

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Saint-Tropez, a definitely contemporary design whose shades and variations of patterns intermingle with subtlety. Its bright colours instantly bring freshness and cheerfulness to any type of decoration.

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An enchanting forest under the snow brights in the middle of the night. The lively graphics of this geometric patterns sparkle with white details, enhanced by an anthracite, frost or red background.

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Collecting memories around a table takes on its full meaning with the « Jour de Fête » design. An invitation to celebrate the festive season with its traditional centerpiece.

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Dîner en Ville and its deep colours fits perfectly in all kind of interiors. Its fine and elegant shades enlighten the whole design. A must-have for romantic dinners and timeless moments at home.

18,20 €

This design embodies the traditional way of life in the traditional Alsatian region. Typical characters and costumes are represented in a festive and warmful way. A typical overview of our region’s heritage.

57,40 €

This design embodies the traditional way of life in the traditional Alsatian region. Typical characters and costumes are represented in a festive and warmful way. A typical overview of our region’s heritage.

169,70 €

This design combines perfectly all the symbols of summer. Realistic flowers are directly inspired by the Garden of the Chateau de Versailles. They open out on a light background that makes them stand out from the whole design.

100,40 €

Take a break to the countryside with « Les poules » tablecloth. Delicate feathers flutter among the whole design and make this tablecloth a typical element of your kitchen decor.

160,30 €

This realistic landscape is directly inspired by huge verdant gardens. Its design, made of vegetal details and delicate butterflies will instantaneously call for a spring atmosphere in your decoration.

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Take a deep dive in the ocean with this spectacular tablecloth. Its marine details seem floating in the middle of the waves and bring a calm and relaxing atmosphere to a summer decor.

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Versailles, named after the famous French palace, stands out in a highly architectural composition, enhanced by geometric motifs on an ivory background.

452,70 €

Sapin d'Epices livens up Christmas Time with greediness. A farandole of biscuits, ribbons and gold details instantly bring a warm atmosphere to the table.

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A charming scandinavian breeze transports you directly to winter’s magic. Nuit étoilée has been designed to depict nordic lanscapes and provide a cocooning atmosphere to your home decor.

170,60 €

Named after the famous french Castle, « Chambord » reveals all the royal refinement in subtle shades of grey. A luxurious tablecloth that can easily match every kind of interior, from modern to classical ones.

172,30 €

The subtlety of the printing accentuates the poetry of this bucolic decor. In a range of colorful flowers, here is a vision of the countryside blooming at spring time.