Beauvillé: publisher of table linen

Beauvillé is the house brand of the Manufacture d’impressions sur Étoffes, renowned for its ability to stamp its own signature on its creations. A symbol of exclusivity, elegance and the protection of tradition, the Beauvillé brand enjoys a leading position in the luxury household goods market. The Beauvillé creations stand out for their exceptional quality and timeless design, captivating a discerning clientele.

This reputation extends across borders, with some 80% of Beauvillé creations exported to a variety of prestigious destinations. These destinations include the United States, where they have found a home, notably in the White House. Japan, Switzerland and Germany are also among the destinations that admire and adopt Beauvillé creations.

Beauvillé embodies the perfect blend of traditional expertise, superior quality and contemporary luxury, shining on national and international markets with products that transcend cultural and geographical borders.