The museum

Discover the Beauvillé museum, right inside our shop, where each visit is an immersion in history, art and tradition. Beauvillé’s museum is the place to be, if you’re an art lover, a textile collector or simply curious to see the art of the table.

Explore how beauty, elegance and functionality have harmoniously intertwined to create the essence of French culture. Follow us through the ages, from the art of the table’s origins to contemporary developments, via the emblematic events that have shaped its history.

For a more complete experience, we also offer private guided tours. Be guided, learn about the secrets of production and talk to our team for a deeper understanding of our artisan craft.

Beauvillé Museum opens on shop hours :

Monday to Friday
9:30-12:15, 14:00-17:45

Alone, with family or friends, we are looking forward to welcoming you and to sharing with you this unique, instructive and inspiring experience.

Join us to discover the art of the table as you’ve never seen it before.

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