Our values

Beauvillé has been creating exceptional textiles since 1839. Over the generations, the Manufacture d’Impression sur Etoffes has handed down a heritage of passion and excellence. Beauvillé has been able to adapt to technical developments without losing its unique expertise, combining tradition and elegance.

For almost two centuries, Beauville teams have been committed to passing on unchanging values…


Beauvillé is the symbol of a history passed down through the generations. Over the years, Beauvillé has preserved and passed on its heritage, offering timeless products revealing colour in its full splendour. Beauvillé’s creations are a link between the present and the past, creating bonds between people and cultures.


Manufacturing in France is more than a commitment, it’s a philosophy: Maison Beauvillé has always worked with French suppliers in order to maintain knowledge and skills in France. Opting for France is also a guarantee of quality, control and the creation of an ecosystem based on trust. Since 1839, Beauvillé teams have been producing fabrics of exceptional quality, entirely in Ribeauvillé in Alsace. They are determined to maintain and develop this 100% French know-how. The philosophy of Beauvillé unites passionate teams around an ideal: to produce exceptional, sustainable fabrics, in France, by promoting a short distribution chain. The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label awarded in 2009 is recognition of our unique expertise.



Beauvillé teams are driven every day by the same passion: excellence. Le Beau (de Beauvillé) is an achievement that every employee strives to reach. The passion of the men and women who work at Beauvillé is reflected in the unique fabrics and unlimited creativity. Passion also lies in the desire to enhance your decor through the power of colour and the high quality of the fabric. Designing, printing and enhancing fabrics are all stages in which passion for the craft and colour are the only guides. Each day, Beauvillé works to create pieces that will stay with you for many years to come and that will be at the heart of memorable moments of conviviality. At Beauvillé, passion is transmitted and even contagious…


Beauvillé embodies the essence of discipline and excellence. The company is known for its exceptional products, offering unrivalled quality and durability. Each Beauvillé creation is a true masterpiece, capturing timeless elegance and the French way of life. The commitment to beauty is reflected in every fabric, every pattern, creating a magical atmosphere where elegance meets innovation. A symbol of excellence, Beauvillé is a source of inspiration and a celebration of of tradition and modernity, while preserving the heritage of artisan craftsmanship that is the signature of its unique identity.