Runners and cross runners for all your special occasions

The Manufacture d’Impression sur Etoffes of Ribeauvillé (M.I.E) was specialised very early in the dyeing and the printing of fabrics. It’s under the Beauvillé brand that our stylists signed today an exceptional collection of table runners. 

Noble fabrics in the spotlight

Beauvillé’s table runners are crafted from noble fabrics and integrally printed in Alsace. Each of our designs is proposed in several colours in order to fulfil your expectations while providing an extra original and elegant touch to your home.

Displayed lengthwise, your table runner will fit perfectly in your dining room whereas displayed in the width the runner will border generously the space of all your guests.

Beauvillé’s signature: French top end quality

Textile printer for more than 200 years, and always in search of perfection, the Beauvillé brand offers to its demanding customers, unique products, true objects of life to your home.

Synonym of luxury and quality, the Beauvillé’s products symbolise with refinement the French art of living.

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70,20 €

Composition : 100 % cotton Dimensions : 50 x 250 cm (20" x 98")

72,40 €

Composition : 100 % cotton Dimensions : 50 x 250 cm (20" x 98")

86,10 €

Composition : 100% cotton Dimensions : 55 x 255 cm (20" x 100")

86,10 €

Composition : 100 % cotton Dimensions : 50 x 250 cm (20" x 98")

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