Beauvillé's scarves collection : Wear the colors of French Heritage

As a genuine emblem of the "chic à la française", our collection of scarves, also called "carrés" in France, embodies craftsmanship in a nomadic form, as timeless as it is mythical.

Beauvillé is pleased to introduce its exclusive range of scarves in a limited edition collection. Inspired by archival designs and traditional patterns, this accessory reinvents itself in infinite forms adapted to each personality.

Find our suggestions to elegantly wear our scarves under each items : let your imagination run wild!

You can find in this section two kind of shawls :

-Our "Jardin des Merveilles" shawl is made of a lighter cotton than our other models.

-Our "Roses Anciennes", "Belle de Nuit" and "Hesperides" shawls are made of a thicker cotton, close to the "bandana" fabric.


88,20 €

Roses Anciennes, the 100% made in France scarf From the nobility of the materials to the beauty of the drawings, it is with patience and requirement that this drawing is born by being inspired by the ancient botany. This product is 100% Made in France

88,20 €

The Jardin des Merveilles scarf, where East meets West The fine details and soft hues of the saffron Jardin des Merveilles scarf blend harmoniously. Available in four colors, this scarf symbolizes the crossroads between East and West. This product is 100% Made in France

88,20 €

The Jardin des Merveilles scarf, when East meets West In the Jardin des Merveilles, a multitude of rare species bloom in peace and quiet in bright green alleys. Available in three colors, the Jardin des Merveilles scarf symbolizes the meeting of East and West in a 19th century archive drawing. This product is 100% Made in France

88,20 €

The Hesperides scarf, a 100% French fashion accessory An ode to nature and a selection of textile design motifs, the decorative vocabulary used to construct this scarf draws its inspiration mainly from the flora of gardens and the countryside. This product is 100% Made in France

88,20 €

The Belle de Nuit scarf, a vibrant floral design The Belle de Nuit scarf reinterprets an archival document of Alsatian shawls and perpetuates the incredible adventure of the famous indians. A vibrant floral design is drawn on the borders of the high-end scarf, bringing a softness in contrast with the intensity of the charcoal background. This product is...

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