An original kitchen decor : Beauvillé's Calendar tea towels

Our artistic team imagines each year a collection of Calendar tea towels. In this category, you will discover tea towels that are as beautiful as they are practical: to hang as a decorative object or to use every day, our Calendar tea towels punctuate every moment of the year in the kitchen!

Take the chance to get the last copies of the 2023 calendar tea towels, and enjoy the 2024 calendar tea towels that are already available!


22,90 €

2025, a colorful year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter… The Calendrier Les Saisons 2025 tea-towel is your perfect partner for all of your highlight of the year! A playful and captivating tea-towel where the 4 seasons meet harmoniously to illustrate a beautiful and charming year. This product is 100% Made in France 

22,90 €

A year to savour Create a kitchen garden of inspiration with the Mon Potager-calendrier 2025 tea towel. Carefully created by our artists, this tea towel reflects the seasonal magic of gardening. Made in France, it celebrates the art of cooking and know-how. This product is 100% Made in France 

22,90 €

A touch of Alsace in your kitchen The Madame Cigogne 2024 tea-towel is a promise for a year placed under the sign of Alsace. This tea-towel shows a symbol of the Alsacian culture: the stork. This region is where the action of Beauvillé takes place. This tea-towel is an invitation to discover the beautiful region of Alsace. This product is 100% Made in...

22,90 €

Chocolate infusion This tea towel, which is infused with the enchanting scent of cocoa, transforms into a sensory experience in its own right. A daily reminder to savour life's delectable, simple pleasures, bringing a warm, indulgent touch to every moment. warmth and indulgence to each moment. This product is 100% Made in France 

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How to make your Beauvillé linen last?

Our tea towels are made of 82% cotton and 18% linen. These natural fibers guarantee an optimal absorption quality and an irreproachable color fastness. However, their daily use requires careful maintenance. Here is our advice to make your top-of-the-range kitchen linen last:

Before using for the first time, soak your linen in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, then wash separately at 40°C with half the usual amount of detergent. Afterwards, always wash dark colored items separately. To preserve the fabric, never put folded items in your washing machine. Local stain removal with rubbing is forbidden. In case of persistent stains, if the care label allows it, cold pre-stain with diluted bleach and rewash.