Potager coated Placemat

The coated Potager placemat, the essential summer accessory

The coated vegetable garden set reveals the full range of species that make up a richly furnished vegetable garden. Practicality and aestheticism are one with our coated set Potager: enjoy a meal in peace thanks to its water repellent coating.

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The coated fabric, as practical as it is aesthetic

Beauvillé wants to offer you high quality fabrics. The Potager coated placemat promises a design that is as practical as it is aesthetic: its patterns, designed by our artists, will transport you to the back of the garden, and the coated cotton and water-repellent treatment make the placemat easy to clean with a single sponge stroke

The coated Potager placemat, perfect for a guinguette table decoration

Both indoors and outdoors, set your table with Potager coated placemats, matching Potager napkins and colorful cutlery. To recall the plant motifs, add an aromatic garden as a centerpiece.

Composition :  

100 % coated cotton, 100 % acrylic on recto

Finish : 

Antistain on verso

Dimensions : 

38 x 48 cm (16" x 20")

Care instructions: 

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm wash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.