Topkapi Tablecloth

The Topkapi tablecloth, a Beauvillé must-have

Between Istanbul and Nantes, the Topkapi model is designed under the sign of a journey through textile history. A true best-seller of the brand, this pretty tablecloth is reinvented through ever more vibrant colors.

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Topkapi tablecloth, a high quality fabric

Entirely thought and designed in our Alsatian workshops, the Topkapi tablecloth is the result of an exceptional work. Inspired by a canvas from Nantes and the mosaics of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, this model is halfway between modernity and tradition. Our flat frame printing method guarantees you a top quality tablecloth with infinite details.

An elegant and refined table with the Topkapi tablecloth

Set an elegant and refined table with the Topkapi tablecloth. Match your tablecloth with the matching napkin. Add transparent tableware to let the tablecloth pattern show through and play with accessories in similar colors for a harmonious table decoration.

Topkapi, the ideal tablecloth for all your dinners

The Topkapi tablecloth is one of our favorites: a real must-have from the Beauvillé brand, this luxurious tablecloth is ideal for all occasions.

Composition :

100% cotton

Care instructions: 

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm wash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.

Reviews about this product

Based on 3 reviews

  • Charlotte B.
    Published May 16, 2021 at 10:11 am (Order date: May 08, 2021)

    C'est bien ce que j'avais choisi.

  • Anne Marie C.
    Published Apr 26, 2021 at 03:55 pm (Order date: Apr 20, 2021)

    Magnifique couleur

  • Daniela F.
    Published Apr 22, 2021 at 06:55 pm (Order date: Apr 11, 2021)

    I like it very much

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172,30 €

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181,10 €

Féerie tablecloth, precious details for a Christmas table setting Precious details adorn this pretty tablecloth Féerie. Its onyx and red colors will brighten up your interior decoration. Opt for its modern design and its shimmering colors to celebrate the end of the year.

161,80 €

Megève, the Christmas graphic tablecloth All the magic of the Megève tablecloth is interpreted under a snow falling delicately in the night. Adorned with soft and elegant winter details, this pretty Christmas tablecloth perfectly illustrates the holiday season, in its three colors anthracite, frost and red.

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The Dîner en ville tablecloth, a touch of modernity The Dîner en Ville tablecloth makes modern dreams come true. The curves of its patterns, combined with the raw and contemporary colors of this luxurious tablecloth, will perfectly suit intimate invitations.

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Nuit Etoilée tablecloth, the magic of Christmas at your table The Nuit Etoilée tablecloth brings a dreamy atmosphere to your table for the holidays. An irresistible mix of precious shades and graphic patterns reinvent the typical winter motifs on this essential model of our collection.

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The Silhouettes Hansi tablecloth, an honor to regional traditions Illustration of typical Alsatian life scenes, the Silhouettes Hansi tablecloth plays on shadows and contrasts. On a red or grey background, this pretty tablecloth honors regional traditions.

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The Arné tablecloth, symbol of the heritage of the Beauvillé The Arné tablecloth embodies all the know-how and heritage of the Beauvillé brand. Inspired by a Napoleon III document, the Arné tablecloth reveals floral patterns of infinite richness as well as luxurious details in multiple colors.

172,30 €

The subtlety of the printing accentuates the poetry of this bucolic decor. In a range of colorful flowers, here is a vision of the countryside blooming at spring time.

184,70 €

The Giverny tablecloth, synonymous with lightness and freshness Treat yourself to a romantic getaway in the flowery alleys of the Giverny garden. In its two colors, pink and lavender, the Giverny tablecloth is synonymous with lightness and brings freshness to the decoration.