Dîner en Ville Placemat

The Dîner en ville placemat, a breath of modernity

Give a breath of modernity to your table decoration with the Dîner en ville placemat. Curves, combined with raw and contemporary colors, are discreetly revealed on this sumptuous placemat. Enjoy an intimate lunch with the Dîner en ville placemat.

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The Dîner en Ville placemat, flat frame print

The Dîner en Ville placemat is printed using our traditional flat frame printing method, under the watchful eye of our exceptional craftsmen. Like all our cotton placemats, the Dîner en Ville placemat can also be used as a larger napkin.

An intimate table with the Dîner en ville placemat

For an intimate table, choose tableware that matches your placemat. Also stay in the same tones for the decoration of your table: bet on a graphic decoration. You can even match your table and your cushions by discovering our eponymous cushion. 

The Dîner en ville placemat, a modern design

We particularly appreciate the design of this placemat : modern curves combined with raw colors bring all the charm of the Dîner en ville placemat.

Composition : 

100 % cotton

Dimensions : 

38 x 48 cm (15" x 19")

Care instructions: 

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm wash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.

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Fleurs des champs placemat, a bucolic getaway A bucolic escapade invites itself in your interior decoration as well as outside with the Fleurs des champs placemat. A bouquet of brightly colored everlasting flowers stands out on this pretty placemat.

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This design combines perfectly all the symbols of summer. Realistic flowers are directly inspired by the Garden of the Chateau de Versailles. They open out on a light background that makes them stand out from the whole design. One product, two uses: our cotton mats can also be used as larger towels according to your wishes!

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Igor, the royal placemat Find yourself immersed in the heart of an imperial dinner with Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte with this Igor placemat. Its patterns and cardinal color express the French art of living. The sumptuousness of this placemat will be unanimously appreciated during your dinners.

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The Raffaello placemat, an Italian architectural illustration The Raffaello placemat illustrates the architectural splendor of the Italian Renaissance. Shades of beige and gray reveal the elegant patterns of this luxurious placemat. The Raffaello placemat dresses your table with a touch of softness.

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The Versailles placemat, an elegant and architectural composition The Versailles placemat unveils an elegant and architectural composition available in three colors. On an ivory background, geometrical patterns stand out and dress up your table, making a beautiful nod to the famous Versailles castle.

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The Toscane placemat, timeless and refined The Toscane placemat perfectly illustrates the Italian region of the same name with a timeless and refined design. A midnight blue cameo gives a contemporary look to this sublime placemat.

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The Agapanthes placemat, a lush nature The Agapanthes placemat is inspired by foliage and lush flora. Discover nature in a variety of ways with the Agapanthes placemat and its different available colors.

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The Winter placemat, a must-have for the holidays The Winter placemat brings the festive spirit to your table. Its shades of red and green as well as its patterns, symbols of Christmas par excellence, bring joy and conviviality to your table decoration.

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The Ponte Vecchio placemat, Italian splendor The Ponte Vecchio placemat elegantly illustrates this eponymous place, emblem of Italian luxury. Decorated with refined gold designs and sublimated by a bright red, this placemat instantly transports you to this famous bridge, named Ponte Vecchio.

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On this placemat, a beautiful mix of graphic patterns inspired by the Alps is calling for a breeze of wellness. One product, two uses: our cotton mats can also be used as larger towels according to your wishes!

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16,00 €

The Megève placemat, a winter landscape The Megève placemat reveals sumptuous winter details. Inspired by the landscape of an enchanted forest under the snow, this Christmas placemat comes in three colors to interpret the magic of the holidays in the most beautiful way.

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The L'Hiver placemat, a must-have for the holidays The L'Hiver placemat is a great way to highlight the festive spirit. Available in two colors, this sublime placemat is adorned with a thousand and one details that make it so charming.

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The Jour de fête placemat, symbol of Christmas The Jour de fête placemat symbolizes the tradition of Christmas and brings the whole family together around an exceptional meal. Festive details created with finesse and passion to recreate the magical world of the holidays.

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The Les Poules placemat, a country decor Take a breath of fresh air with the Les Poules placemat and its country decor. Feathers swirling around the henhouse bring lightness to this decor. Rooster, hen and chick are all part of this pretty placemat.

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In the middle of a radiant garden, strawberries and delicate white flowers are calling for an unexpected picnic or party in a kitchen, a terrace and a garden. One product, two uses: our cotton mats can also be used as large towels according to your wishes!

17,90 €

Potager, das Sommer-Platzdeckchen Auf dem Tischset Potager wird ein Garten zum Leben erweckt und zeigt seine ganze Artenvielfalt. Schaffen Sie ein sommerliches und authentisches Dekor, das Freude bei Ihren Mahlzeiten bringt, mit diesem herrlichen Tischset mit intensiven Farben.

17,40 €

The Corail placemat, a genuine seascape The Corail placemat reveals a seascape decorated with coral and shells. Subtle patterns and soft shades of coral and blue dress this placemat. The Corail placemat is a real invitation to travel.

18,10 €

Les Pivoines, the refreshing placemat A bouquet of peonies elegantly decorates this colorful placemat. Freshly picked, its sun-drenched flowers evoke 19th century impressionist paintings. With its spring colors, the Peonies placemat brings sweetness and cheerfulness to your table.

17,70 €

The Jardins placemat, sumptuous floral details The Jardins placemat reveals sumptuous floral details filled with softness. Have lunch with your friends or family in complete serenity from your garden with this sublime anti-stain placemat.

16,90 €

The Rialto placemat, the finesse of detail at your table Set an elegant and contemporary table with the Rialto placemat. The striking design and sparkling shades of this set, available in a multitude of soft and bold shades, create a contemporary ambiance for your table setting.

19,30 €

The Palazzo placemat, a breath of well-being to your decoration Light, bright and authentic: a subtle mix of soft materials and enveloping colors brings a breath of well-being to your decor. The Palazzo placemat is available in different colors to match your interior in the best way.

19,30 €

Light, bright and authentic : this placemat mixes soft materials and enveloping colours. The interior decoration is elegantly soothing : home sweet home... One product, two uses: our cotton mats can also be used as large towels according to your wishes!

16,70 €

The Topkapi placemat, Beauvillé's best-seller The Topkapi placemat unveils an original and timeless pattern in a sublime Terracotta color. This placemat dresses up your table with one of our flagship models and brings color to a sober interior.

18,20 €

The coated Potager placemat, the essential summer accessory The coated vegetable garden set reveals the full range of species that make up a richly furnished vegetable garden. Practicality and aestheticism are one with our coated set Potager: enjoy a meal in peace thanks to its water repellent coating.

16,70 €

The Topkapi placemat, Beauvillé's best-seller The Topkapi placemat unveils an original and timeless pattern in a sublime Terracotta color. This placemat dresses up your table with one of our flagship models and brings color to a sober interior.