Potager Cushion Cover

The Potager cushion cover, a garden everywhere at home

The Potager cushion cover frees your desire to get some fresh air. Create your secret garden from the living room: herbs and sprouts are just waiting to be picked.

This product is 100% Made in FranceOrigine France 100% garantie

Removable cover sold without interior trim

60,50 €

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The Potager cushion cover will surprise you with its quality

The Potager cushion cover will surprise you with its high quality. With its peachy feel, its cotton cover is entirely handcrafted in our Ribeauvillé workshops. The sumptuous patterns revealed by this cushion cover were imagined and designed by our artists trained in the French Beaux Arts.

An atypical decoration with the Potager cushion cover

As well inside for an atypical decoration as outside to cultivate a garden from your terrace, the cushion cover Potager brings color to your decoration. The Potager cushion cover goes perfectly with other decorative objects with a Vichy pattern.

Potager, an original cushion cover

We particularly appreciate the originality of the Potager cushion cover's design: a real garden is rising up in your home!

Composition :

Removable cushion cover 100% cotton sold without interior padding

Dimensions : 

38 x 48 cm (15" x 19")

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm waash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.