Valentine's Day with Beauvillé's luxury table linen

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what could be better than preparing a meal for two and setting a beautifully laid table? Turn your table into the perfect setting for celebrating love with Beauvillé’s sumptuous products this year. Discover a special Valentine’s Day selection to capture the heart of your loved one.

  1. Choice of colours
    Choose colours that suggest love and passion. Opt for romantic colours such as red, peach, garnet or raspberry. Beauvillé tablecloths and placemats have a rich palette of shades to complement your romantic vision.For a flowery and passionate atmosphere, Beauvillé’s Igor tablecloth, with its central bouquet and intense cardinal shade, sets the perfect mood for your romantic meal.
  2. Personalised napkins
    As a gift or to personalise your table, add personalised napkins. Choose two-tone or Topkapi napkins and add embroidery, a note or initials. Find out more about online personalisation:
  3. Gift Boxes
    Give your loved one a Beauvillé gift box. Matching sets, including a table runner and two placemats, bring a harmonious look to your table. Placemats and table runners are key elements for creating an elegant and intimate table.
  4. Floral arrangements
    Flowers bring a refreshing and romantic touch to your table. Opt for a bouquet of colourful or plain roses – red or white roses represent a classic symbol of love. Arrange in a delicate centre-piece vase to create a floral atmosphere that will delight your guests.
  5. Matching food and wine
    Enjoy your meal with a high-quality Alsace wine from the Cave de Ribeauvillé, for example. Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris are perfect complements to fish dishes or a sweet dessert, like a passion fruit tart (find the recipe here).Enjoy the subtle aromas and flavours to bring a whole new dimension to your dining experience.

Let Beauvillé enhance your table this Valentine’s Day and create a romantic experience like no other. From colour selections to personalised details, each element enhances the magic of the evening. With Alsace wine from the Cave de Ribeauvillé and a sophisticated menu, dining with your loved one is a memorable celebration of love and elegance.