Personalised Beauvillé luxury table linen

Welcome to Beauvillé’s refined world, where customisation meets table linen excellence. Embroider your initials or a note of up to 20 characters in 3 fonts and 10 colours.

So how does it work?

  1. Go to the :
    Customizable gifts
  2. Select your customised product:
    Add the personalisation option on the personalised products page and complete the personalisation form.
  3. Place your embroidery
    Customise your table linen by positioning the embroidery in the centre or right corner of your napkins.
  4. Choose your style
    Opt for one of the 3 types of embroidery and choose from our 10 colours for a personalised look. Write your message up to 20 characters long.

Please note that personalised products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable due to their unique nature.

Do you have a unique project in mind?

For more specific ideas, our customer service team can help you. Complete the contact form and send us your project for a made-to-measure estimate. We will respond to your requests as quickly as possible.


Dedicated to a two-century tradition, our products are still proudly made in France, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Personalised Beauvillé napkins are not only table accessories, but unique pieces that tell your story.