Our tips to get the most stunning Christmas table decoration !

Discover our tips for a party table without any “fashion faux pas” !

1. Not more than 3 different colors for your table decoration:

This rule is the basis of good taste, and it is valid both in fashion and decoration. No more than three colors to keep a beautiful harmony. And of course, you choose shades that match each other well. For festive tables, the trend is towards classic combinations: white and red, blue and white, gold and black, silver and white… Since we are entitled to a little eccentricity, it’s time to focus on the little shiny details. We play the gold card, with black or silver, we bet on the copper and old pink trend.
The deco trick moreover: if we mix the colors, we are constrained to a certain rigor in the layout of our Christmas table. All the placemats are golden, all the glasses are bluish, all the candles are silver, to keep a nice harmony in the heart of this festive table.

2. Gold is the new Black :

For a sophisticated festive table, we bring out the big game: the gold decoration! Mixed with the elegance of black or red, the golden touch will be the festive asset of your Christmas decoration. Here, no extravagance if you stick to ultra sober shades to match with gold. White and black only. However, what would a festive table be without its gold touch? If we stick strictly to gold combined with sober colors, we allow ourselves more originality on the graphics of our tableware. If we opt for transparent plates, we choose them worked and if they are decorated, we can go towards geometrical patterns, if possible black and gold. We repeat it to you, on a festive table, gold is the new black!
The decoration trick in addition: gold yes, but not in total look. Keep a light table, don’t overload it with too many small objects and place the table runners perpendicular to the length of the table.
Dressage de table thème Féérique

3. Enlighten your decor :

During the festive season, we like bright tables. Pretty candles, candlesticks, candleholders… The light often passes through the flame. However, for a trendy festive table, the good idea is to multiply the sources of light. Vary the sizes, the shapes, the models. In the center of the table, place a light garland around the cake stand and everywhere, have beautiful candleholders. To keep a harmony and make a beautiful Christmas table, be careful not to overload it with objects. Instead, choose beautiful medium sized pieces, well visible but not too imposing, rather than a multitude of small candles. We love photophores and garlands, less dangerous than candles, when there are children at the table.
The good idea of this Christmas table is to multiply the sources of light and the shapes, but not the colors. The total white look is ultra chic and refined.


4. Go for transparency :

The trend is towards pure decoration and this is also true for Christmas tables. For a pleasant and uncluttered table, avoid the superfluous and bet on sobriety. In the choice of colors, first of all, betting on matte shades like white, timeless and chic and pastel blue, trendy and delicate. If we can do without it, we do not have a tablecloth on the table and we install instead a pretty table runner, which we choose silver or slightly shiny. In the center of the table, a few candleholders, that we choose in the same tones as the tableware and that’s it. We opt for a minimalist decoration, which will know how to hit the bull’s eye with the guests.
The trick to decorate moreover: for a slightly offbeat decoration, you don’t place your table runner in the center, but right under the plates. This breaks the habits and also protects the table!

What about your decoration ? Let’s be creative for a unique Christmas at your place !