Forêt Red Tea-Towel

Forêt Rouge, the festive tea towel

The Forêt Rouge tea towel reveals a sumptuous enchanted forest under a snow that falls gently in the night. Sumptuous details are drawn on this Christmas tea towel with festive colors.

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The Forêt Rouge tea towel, a mix of cotton and linen

Entirely designed and manufactured in our Alsatian workshops, the Forêt Rouge tea towel is designed in a mix of cotton and linen, chosen among the noblest materials on the market. The Forêt Rouge tea towel will surprise you by its high quality and its softness.

Use the Forêt Rouge tea towel according to your desires

The Forêt Rouge tea towel instantly creates a festive atmosphere. This kitchen towel becomes a real essential to bring the magic of Christmas in the kitchen. You can also use the Forêt Rouge tea towel as a wall decoration or even dress up your table by accessorizing it with this Christmas tea towel.

The Forêt Rouge tea towel, sparkling details and colors

We particularly appreciate the fineness of the details and the bright colors of the Forêt Rouge tea towel.

Composition : 

82 % cotton and 18 % linen

Dimensions : 

50 x 80 cm (20" x 31")

Care instructions: 

Useful tips :

Before using for the first time, soak your cloth for 12 to 24 hours in cold water, changing the water. Then wash separately at 40°C (warm wash) with only half the usuel amount of washing agent. Subsequently dark colours should always be washed separately. To maintain the quality of the cloth, items should never be put into the machine folded. The use of local spot removers is forbidden. For persistant stains, if the label allows it, we advise a cold pre-treatment with diluted bleach before washing.

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  • Gretchen D.
    Published Aug 26, 2021 at 07:41 pm (Order date: Aug 21, 2021)

    Bravo! Just so beautiful! A perfect gift!!!

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